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Malachite crystal

Re-connecting to your Magic

I believe that when we as women, tune into our inner knowing, our intuition, and combine that with  tools like crystals and an awareness of energy, we are tapping into our magic and our power. 

Meet Amy Lynne

Hello, I'm Amy Lynne, creator and dreamer of Avalon Mystic. I love working with crystals and crystal grids. I was inspired to create an all-in-one Crystal Grid Kit after having friends ask me how they could get started using crystal grids. 


I wanted to create something that felt both empowering and easy to use. I am super excited to share what I have created with you. 


What is Goddess Magic? To me it means connecting to your feminine power and interacting with the world from that place. The products I offer are designed to allow you to connect to the energetic world of crystals aligning more deeply with your intuition and innate wisdom. 


Remember Your Magic!

Magical apothocary with plants and a witch's broom and a woman in front
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