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Nurturing the Goddess of Self Love Crystal Grid Kit

Nurturing the Goddess of Self Love Crystal Grid Kit

Are you your own worst critic?
Do you always put yourself last?
True healing naturally occurs when we begin to love and accept ourselves as we are now.
This grid invites you to breathe in the healing energy of the universe while exhaling to release unwanted energies from your mind, body and spirit.
It assists you in connecting to your heart chakra, the centre of love.
Opening and healing your heart centre allows you to deepen your relationships with yourself and embrace compassion, in all areas of your life.


The Crystals in this Grid Set were intentionally selected based on the energetic and metaphysical properties of the Crystals.


They are intended to support you in connecting to your heart chakra, allowing you to deepen your relationship with yourself and embrace compassion. 


Welcome Letter - Instructions to set up your Grid
Crystal Information
Nurturing the Goddess of Self Love Affirmation card

Handmade Birch Sacred Geometry Grid 8 "or 10"
1 Generator of your choice
6 Raw Lepidolite
6 Tumbled Rose Quartz
6 Tumbled Charoite
6 Mini quartz points
1 Clear Quartz Wand

Cloth storage bag
1 Beeswax Tea Light
1 Handmade Smoke Cleansings Herbal Bundle
1 Shell for the Herbal Bundle ash


Crystal Properties:


Lepidolite: Brings deep emotional healing, creates a vibration of calm around you. Reduces anxiety and depression. Soft nurturing energy.


Rose Quartz: The stone of universal and unconditional love. Very nurturing, strengthens all types of love, promotes peace, love and harmony.


Charoite: Known as a soul stone and a stone of insight. It has strong physical and emotional healing energies. Reminds you to live in the now and live a life of truth.


Clear Quartz:

A master healer, energy transmitter and connector to higher consciousness. It amplifies the effects of all other crystals.
Easily programmable as a personal magical tool, simply concentrate on your desired energy, action, outcome or feeling while holding your crystal.


***Natural Materials are as unique as You!***
Please allow for color, size and shape variations in the crystals and color and knot variations in the wood grid boards. 




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