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Enlightened Travels

Enlightened Travels

This portable crystal grid is designed to bring spiritual expansion and transformation. It enhances your intuition and supports communication with your higher self and the spirit realm.


Traveling with crystals is a wonderful way to maintain your self care practice while on the road.


It is easy to become overwhelmed when traveling. These crystals help with reducing stress as well as promoting joy, focus and clarity.


This will help you to create a state of relaxed bliss and flow so you can
be fully present.


* Selenite Pyramid
*4 inch laser engraved birch grid board
* Crystals for specific grid listed below
* Instructions to set up your Grid
* Crystal Information
* Mini Quartz wand 
* Cloth storage bag




Selenite Pyramid

Selenite is an excellent space cleanser and it clears away any stagnant, stale or blocked energies. It has very protective energy and promotes peace and calm. 


One of the best Crystals for enhancing your connection with intuition and higher wisdom. A protective Crystal that helps banish fears and insecurities while  enhancing faith and reliance in oneself and trust in the Universe.


Aids spirit communication through meditation or visualization, out of body travel and powerful dream work. Assists in remembering your Inner truth, offers inspiration and enhances Spiritual growth.


 One of the most powerful, transformational Crystals. It brings awareness to areas that are ripe for transformation and then guides you toward transforming them. 


Clear Quartz
Clear quartz is a master healer, energy transmitter and connector to higher consciousness. It amplifies the effects of all other crystals.


***Natural Materials are as unique as You!***Please allow for color, size and shape variations in the crystals and color and knot variations in the wood grid boards.

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