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Magnetic Goddess of Abundance Crystal Grid Kit

Magnetic Goddess of Abundance Crystal Grid Kit

Are you working on attracting wealth and success, but need a boost of confidence to go after what you want?
Would you like to attract more prosperity and good fortune?
This grid invites you to shift your thoughts and behaviors and become a co-creator of your dreams by working with the universe to manifest what you desire.
As Rumi once said, “What you seek is seeking you.”
And so it is.


The Crystals in this Grid Set were intentionally selected based on the energetic and metaphysical properties of the Crystals.


They are intended to attract prosperity, good fortune  and abundance. 


*Welcome Letter - Instructions to set up your Grid
*Crystal Information
*Magnetic Goddess of Abundance Affirmation card

*Handmade Birch Sacred Geometry Grid 8 "or 10"
*1 Generator - Clear Quartz
*6 Tumbled Green Aventurine
*6 Raw Pyrite chunks
*6 Tumbled Citrine
*6 Mini quartz points
*12 Mini Pyrite
*1 Clear Quartz Wand

*Cloth storage bag
*1 Beeswax Tea Light
1 Handmade Sage/Lavender/Cedar Wand
1 Shell for the Wand ash


Crystal Properties:


A powerhouse of confidence, action and abundance, it encourages new ways of thinking and looking at the world. Brings a dash of added sparkle, enhancing fortune and prosperity. 


An amazing crystal for it's ability to draw things to you-abundance, prosperity, positive energy. One of the best crystals for manifesting money and abundance. 


Green Aventurine:
Often called the crystal of opportunity it also brings prosperity, confidence and good luck. It just seems to attract abundance on all levels and positivity to you.


A classic crystal of abundance, wealth and good fortune. Supports you in achieving your goals and attracting new opportunities to you. 

Clear Quartz:
A master healer, energy transmitter and connector to higher consciousness. It amplifies the effects of all other crystals.
Easily programmable as a personal magical tool, simply concentrate on your desired energy, action, outcome or feeling while holding your crystal.

***Natural Materials are as unique as You!***
Please allow for color, size and shape variations in the crystals and color and knot variations in the wood grid boards. 





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