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Stepping into your Power Spell Jar 10 ml

Stepping into your Power Spell Jar 10 ml

This spell jar invites you to tap into your courage, determination and grounded strength. 


This will support you to Step into your Power and will facilitate growth and transformation where you need it most. Allowing for inspired action in the direction of your passions and dreams.


The crystals and herbs in this spell jar are connected to your root chakra. They recharge your life force energy, help you face challenges and move into action. 



Red Jasper

African Bloodstone

Smoky Quartz



Bay Leaf

Pink himalayan sea salt



-10 ml jar with tag

-Affirmation card

-Scroll with instructions on your spell jar and how to activate it.

-Cloth bag


A spell jar or spell bottle is a physical embodiment of your intentions or “spell”. 
They amplify the energy and are a visual reminder of what you are manifesting and calling into your life. 


This spell bottle was ritually created in accordance to the moon phase most aligned with the intention of the spell jar. 


Every spell bottle comes with detailed information about the ingredients in the jar and clear instructions on how to activate and use your spell jar.

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