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Travel Protection Spell Jar w/Tiger's Eye

Travel Protection Spell Jar w/Tiger's Eye

This little spell jar was created with the following ingredients to protect you on your travels.


Black tourmaline ~ One of the best all-around protective crystals. Prevents negativity from other travelers from entering your bubble.


Amethyst ~ the travelers stone, protects against thieves. Promotes a

peaceful journey and shields against negativity.


Comfrey Root ~ Ensures safety when travelling.


Pepper ~ Protects the boundaries of your property and repels

negative energy.


Cinnamon ~ Brings luck and boosts magical powers of other herbs.


Juniper ~ Protects against accidents and theft.


Lavender ~ Wards off negativity, misfortune and bad moods.


Black Salt ~ Used for protection.


On the outside of the jar with the charm:


Tiger’s Eye ~ Protects against negativity, increases awareness of what’s

going on around you.


10ml spell jar comes with hemp cord to tie around your rearview mirror in your vehicle. 

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